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Icelandic Natural
Photographic Carpark

Iceland's ever-changing weather and the stark contrast between the seasons provide an exceptional and often extreme location as a backdrop for your vehicle. We offer expert local knowledge of sites, weather and lighting, as well as possess the skills to navigate through various terrain. 

Shipping locations are available in Iceland's southern, western and eastern parts, ensuring a smooth delivery. In addition, we take care of all pickups and deliveries once the project is done and dusted. 

Does it sound interesting? Contact us for more information at torkgaur (a)



When looking for the perfect backdrop, the Icelandic terrain offers vast opportunities, from towering volcanoes, lava fields and rocky deserts to sandy offroad trails, black beaches and smooth tarmac that stretch through valleys and mountains. 


Summertime in Iceland is extraordinary as it offers 8 hours of "golden hour" during the night that manifests in a dreamy atmosphere where the sun tints the landscape with an array of beautiful colors. On the contrary, in the winter, there are only 4 hours of light throughout the day, resulting in prime "blue hour" lighting. What Iceland lacks in sunlight during the winter, it counterbalances with a cold and harsh snow-filled scenery.  All automotive content comes to life in Iceland.

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